New York Apartment Law

How-to resources for NYC landlords, property managers, and the attorneys who advise them.


Co-op & Condo Case Law Digest

12 Monthly Issues + Case Watch + Tracker Advance Sheet

The Co-op & Condo Case Law Digest provides case summaries and expert insight of the most recent court decisions in the co-op and condo space. Written by a distinguished panel of practicing attorneys, the Digest spells out what can go wrong, what often does go wrong, and what you should know to avoid making the same mistakes. An expert team of lawyers provides easy-to-understand and practical takeaways drawn from each month's cases - helping you avoid what others didn't and explaining who won and why.

New York Apartment Law Insider

12 Monthly Issues

Apartment building owners and managers want to know that the resource they turn to for answers is unquestionably reliable. This is that resource. When keeping up with such topics as: Complaints & Violations; Construction & Conversion; Crime & Security; Major Capital Improvements; Green Issues; Tax Abatements; and more, this authoritative newsletter provides detailed, easily understandable coverage of the most current, top-of-mind issues today.

New York Landlord v. Tenant

24/7 Database Access + 12 Monthly Issues

This searchable online resource gives New York City apartment building owners and their attorneys 24/7 access to over 25 years of selected: housing court cases; full-text decisions issued by the DHCR; decisions by the Environmental Control Board; and landlord-tenant cases submitted by NYC attorneys—helping save valuable time when preparing cases. Subscribers can quickly search by: Docket, Index, ECB, or LVT number; Party name; or Topic, such as Major Capital Improvements, Primary Residence, Passing on Apartments, and Rent Stabilization.


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New York Rent Regulation Checklist, Fourth Edition


Whether seeking rent increases for major capital improvements, dealing with nuisances created by tenants, or following proper procedures for deregulating an apartment, rent-regulated building owners face confusing hurdles that can delay or derail their efforts. This guidebook is the one resource—completely updated with the latest rent laws—that will answer your most pressing questions and save you valuable time and energy.

2024 New York City Apartment Management Checklist


Where do you have to post “No Smoking” signs in your building? How must your recyclables be sorted? Can a tenant’s “no pets” clause be waived? This comprehensive resource, updated for 2024, helps you find answers to nearly every conceivable compliance question regarding the management of your apartment building—from Asbestos to Window Guards and everything in between. New 2024 Edition is available as Digital, Print & Digital, or Print.