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Practical, plain-English resources for commercial property owners, managers, and attorneys.


Commercial Lease Law Insider

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Using recent court rulings and real-world, expert experiences, Commercial Lease Law Insider provides the most effective strategies for drafting and negotiating smart, owner-friendly leases. Written in easy-to-understand, plain English, this resource supplies the reader with word-for-word clauses and other ready-to-use lease language to help shopping center and office building owners and their attorneys negotiate the strongest, most beneficial lease possible.


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Best Commercial Lease Clauses, Sixteenth Edition


One of the very best source books for professionals engaged in commercial leasing, this comprehensive guide helps you structure safe and effective leases for commercial tenants. Showing you how to draft “smarter” leases and minimize landlord-tenant disputes, this must-have resource guides you in plugging dangerous loopholes, staying within the legal boundaries, and preventing trouble before it begins. Not only does the new edition offer digital downloads of every chapter but your purchase includes 150+ Model Tools that are completely editable--enabling you to easily cut and paste to save time and energy.

Best Commercial Lease Clauses: Tenant’s Edition

$99.00 (Print) | $49.00 (PDF Download)

Recognizing that it’s all about improving your bottom line, this handy resource helps retail and office tenants negotiate and draft smarter leases with owners. It covers best practices, proven and effective strategies, as well as handy and practical tips. Each lease topic contains tenant-friendly model lease clauses to be used “as is” or adapted to better fit your situation—whether you’re using the owner’s lease form or your own.