Fair Housing On-Demand Webinar Library: 12 Videos

 Fair Housing On-Demand Webinar Library: 12 Videos

Your On-Demand Webinar Library Purchase Includes:

  • 12 Hours of Fair Housing Training

  • Recorded Q&A After Each Presentation

  • Actionable Insight Provided by Industry Experts




Brought to you by Fair Housing Coach—the only digital training resource that helps you significantly reduce your risk of fair housing violations and expensive fines—The Fair Housing On-Demand Webinar Library includes:

  1. Assistance Animals: What Housing Providers Need to Know
  2. When and How to Verify Disability After Receiving an Accommodation Request
  3. Reasonable vs. Unreasonable Accommodation Requests: How to Tell the Difference
  4. How to Handle Parking-Related Requests and Disputes
  5. Ensuring Fair Housing Compliance When Adopting a Smoke-Free Policy
  6. How to Reduce the Risk of Sexual Harassment Claims
  7. Applicant Screening and Criminal Histories: Addressing Disparate Impact Liability Under the Fair Housing Act
  8. Setting and Enforcing Occupancy Standards That Avoid Fair Housing Trouble
  9. Avoiding Legal Trouble When Renting to Immigrants and Noncitizens
  10. How to Avoid Discrimination Claims When Advertising Online
  11. Face Your Fair Housing Fears and Everyday Dilemmas
  12. Fair Housing at 50: Emerging Trends You Should Be Aware Of


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