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  • Monthly eAlerts with news and updates on fair housing-related regulations, studies, and court decisions
  • Access to more than five years of archived content including past lessons and quizzes

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Fair Housing Coach is the only digital training resource that can significantly reduce a multifamily property owner or manager's risk of fair housing violations and expensive fines. With each topic presented in a lesson-and-quiz format, Fair Housing Coach provides clear, plain English explanations of the law together with helpful case study examples to share with staff.  An unmatched training resource, Fair Housing Coach provides a fast and economical way to train staff year-round and on-site.

Topics covered include:

  • Handling reasonable accommodation and modification requests
  • Avoiding fair housing problems in new media
  • Complying with the law in light of changing family structures
  • Conducting criminal background checks without violating fair housing law
  • Ensuring fair housing compliance when dealing with recent immigrants
  • Complying with state and local fair housing laws
  • Avoiding discriminatory statements and images in advertising and marketing
  • And much, much more

In addition to monthly lessons and quizzes, Fair Housing Coach summarizes recent housing discrimination cases and settlements, fair housing-related reports and studies, and new HUD guidance.

Your Money-Back Guaranteed Subscription to Fair Housing Coach includes:

  • Convenient email delivery of 12 information-filled issues in PDF format, complete with links to new online content.
  • Searchable online access to more than 10 years of content, including past lessons and quizzes, arranged by management issues and protected classes.
  • Monthly eAlerts giving you late-breaking news and updates on fair housing-related regulations, studies, and court decisions to help you avoid lawsuits and implement best practices.

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