The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management, Fifth Edition

Complete Guide To Shopping Center Management

Manage Your Shopping Center Easily and More Effectively!

The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management, Fifth Edition
From the Publishers of Best Commercial Lease Clauses
2013 / 586 pages / ISBN: 978-1-935132-31-8 / $229

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The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management, Fifth Edition provides common-sense suggestions and practical tools specifically designed to make your job easier.  Focusing on sound day-to-day management operations of shopping centers, this must-have resource presents the most efficient and cost-effective methods of managing an operational and profitable shopping center.  View the Complete Table of Contents

26 jargon-free chapters help you:

  • Attract and screen tenants effectively
  • Find additional revenue sources
  • Keep your shopping center out of legal trouble
  • Manage your cash flow successfully
  • Work effectively with your tenants
  • Maintain hassle-free, day-to-day operations

Presenting complex issues in straightforward, clearly understandable terms, readers will find answers to the many questions that come up when managing tenants, courting patrons, and dealing with the myriad of today’s legal issues.

Some of the latest topics covered in the Fifth Edition include:

  • Managing mixed-use properties
  • Using new strategies to collect rent and negotiate concessions from struggling tenants
  • Managing pop-up tenants
  • Limiting the damage caused by—and your liability for—environmental problems including mold, bedbugs, pandemic flu outbreaks, and tenants’ use of hazardous materials
  • Ensuring adequate security to deal with crime, workplace violence, and acts of terrorism

Contents in Brief:

  1. Attracting & Screening Tenants
  2. Specialty Leasing
  3. Attracting Shoppers
  4. Additional Income Sources
  5. Lease Enforcement
  6. Sublets & Assignments
  7. Use/Exclusive Use
  8. Audits
  9. CAM Costs
  10. Guaranties/Guarantors
  11. Percentage Rent
  12. Rent Collection
  13. Assistance for Struggling Tenants
  14. Renewals
  15. Lease Termination
  16. Evictions
  17. Bankruptcy
  18. Taxes
  19. Insurance
  20. Mold & Other Environmental Issues
  21. Repairs & Maintenance
  22. Contractors
  23. Parking Lots
  24. Risk Management
  25. Crime & Security
  26. Employees
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  1. Four Steps to Follow:  Check Lease; Give Oral Response Immediately; Keep Records; and Send Letter Confirming Oral Response
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  3. A Repair Tracking Form
  4. Model Letter:  Get Tough with Tenant that Will Not Give You Access
  5. AND MORE!