Webinar Series



Assistance Animals: What Housing Providers Need to Know
Originally Recorded February 19, 2016 | 1:00 PM (EST)
This program will focus on the legal, regulatory, and practical issues presented by resident requests for assistance animals as accommodations to disabilities under the Fair Housing Act. The legal and regulatory schemes addressing these issues are complex, and this program will provide much-needed guidance to housing owners and  managers for complying with their obligations to accommodate people with disabilities who require assistance animals. 

Planning & Managing Multiple Subsidies: What Affordable Housing Property Owners, Managers, and Developers Need to Know

Originally Recorded March 31, 2016 | 1:00 PM (EST)
An understanding of the implications and requirements of multiple-layered tax credits is becoming increasingly important to financing and managing Affordable Housing Properties. This program will provide property owners, managers, developers and other housing professionals with much-needed guidance through the complexities of using, managing, and staying compliant with the applicable rules and regulations. 

Featured topics include the new amendments to IRS Low Income Housing Credit Compliance-Monitoring Regulations and new Revenue Procedure 2016-15, which clarify and revise rules for physical inspections and low-income certification review.

Green Roofs: How to Add This Value-Enhancing Amenity in Multifamily Housing

Originally Recorded April 21, 2016 | 1:00 PM (EST)

This one-hour live webinar will discuss how multifamily property owners, managers, and developers can install “green roofs” to help improve water run-off, air quality, and residents’ well-being; enhance the overall value of their properties; and comply with new and ever-stricter “green” requirements that cities across the country are mandating. While local governments and utilities often offer generous incentives for installing green roofs, some cities are now requiring building owners to meet green roofing standards—or be fined. 

Avoiding Fair Housing Liability When Screening Tenants for Criminal History
June 21, 2016

This one-hour webinar will focus on the implications, under the Fair Housing Act, of screening applicants and tenants for criminal backgrounds, and in using an individual’s criminal history in making rental, lease renewal, and other housing decisions, particularly in light of the newly released HUD guidance on discrimination liability..

LIVE EVENT- New York Lunch and Learn Program. How to Deal with Illegal Short-Term Rentals: What NYC Property Owners and Managers Need to Know! 
July 19, 2016

This two-hour “Lunch and Learn” program will feature a presentation by New York City’s leading landlord/tenant attorneys who will address the legal and practical issues presented by illegal short-term rentals in New York City, including those facilitated by Airbnb and other third-party services. The presentation will cover the issues presented in rental, coops, condos and affordable housing properties.  This is an invitation-only event  limited to 50 attendees.

Commercial Leasing Law: Emerging Issues in Drafting Retail Leases: Radius Restrictions & Co-Tenancies
September 2016
This program will update owners and managers of retail properties and their counsel on legal developments impacting retail and shopping center leases.  Issues addressed will be radius restrictions and co-tenancies. 

Commercial Leasing Law: Premises Liability & Allocation of Risk
November 2016
This program will provide guidance on negotiating and drafting the provisions of commercial leases relating to the allocation of risk for third-party claims, focusing on landlord and tenant obligations under the indemnity, waiver, and insurance provisions.