Commercial Lease Law Resources


Best Commercial Lease Clauses

Best Commercial Lease Clauses provides you with a 600-page working tool that helps you structure safe and effective leases for a range of commercial tenants. 

A one-size-fits-all lease is useless if it ignores a tenant’s specific issues and, instead, includes terms that are not relevant to the space for which it was drafted. Whether you are an owner or manager, or a professional advisor, Best Commercial Lease Clauses is a working tool that will help you structure safe and effective leases for a range of commercial tenants.

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Commercial Lease Law Insider

Commercial Lease Law Insider provides the latest strategies for drafting and negotiating smart, owner-friendly leases using recent court rulings and real-world, expert experiences.

Written in easy-to-understand, plain English, Commercial Lease Law Insider offers word-for-word clauses and other ready-to-use lease language designed to help shopping center and office building owners and their attorneys negotiate the strongest, most beneficial lease possible.

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Commercial Tenant’s Lease Insider

Commercial Tenant's Lease Insider supplies shopping center and office building tenants and their attorneys with the information they need to get more out of their leases while paying less.

Each month, Commercial Tenant's Lease Insider gathers negotiating techniques from leading attorneys and commercial real estate professionals who always get the best lease deals. In addition, readers will find summaries of recent court rulings along with ready-to-use Model Lease Clauses.

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The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management

The Complete Guide to Shopping Center Management provides common-sense suggestions and practical tools specifically designed to make your job easier.  Focusing on sound day-to-day management operations of shopping centers, this must-have resource presents the most efficient and cost-effective methods of managing an operational and profitable shopping center. 

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