2019 New York City Apartment Management Checklist

2019 New York City Apartment Management Checklist

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2019 New York City Apartment Management Checklist is the definitive source of information on the myriad of complex laws that govern the management of New York City apartment buildings. In this completely updated edition for 2019, readers will find clear and comprehensive explanations of all the pertinent rules, regulations, and requirements that owners and managers need to know to stay compliant…and profitable.


Throughout the 2019 edition of the Apartment Management Checklist, the text of laws and forms relating to each chapter have been updated to reflect changes made since the last edition. Highlights include:

  • New Fire Department rules on the content and distribution of Fire Safety Guides
  • Amended requirements for elevator notices and the regulation of overloaded elevators
  • Amended law on extermination and mold remediation, with new provisions for controlling asthma allergen triggers resulting from pest infestation and mold.
  • New law requiring larger buildings to display energy efficiency grades starting in 2020
  • New law requiring landlords to clear snow and ice from fire hydrants
  • New laws increasing the penalties for excessive construction violations and violations resulting in death or physical injury
  • Resolution of the 2016 Water Board rate dispute and the new Water & Wastewater Rate Schedule
  • And more!

Including important discussions of recent laws and forms, the 2019 NYC Apartment Management Checklist gives you access to the forms contained in this edition—as well as bonus forms—all in one place through the convenient online companion site.

Throughout the 2019 edition of the Apartment Management Checklist, the text of laws and forms relating to each chapter have been updated to reflect changes made since the last edition.

In addition, New York City government web pages have been largely overhauled, providing easier access to information on various topics. Where we refer to city web pages, we’ve provided the most recent URLs available.

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